Operation Bandana has provided 293,707 bandanas as of 5/31/2019         


Operation Bandanas is in the process of dissolution. I will be retiring after 12½ years, and it appears our mission will retire with me unless someone who has a passion for our military feels called to take leadership to continue as we have. What a joy and blessing it has been for me to serve God and country through serving our military through this ministry. It is only because of hundreds of others spread across this great country who have come alongside me to provide Psalm 91 bandanas to our extraordinary men and women serving our nation in uniform that our mission has been successful. It is a bittersweet decision as this has been a true labor of love for me; but it is a necessary one at this time in my life.

The body of Christ came together from all across the U.S. over these years to provide 293,707 Psalm 91 bandanas to our servicemen and women who are scattered all across America and around the world; and who donated $1,088,147.44 to Operation Bandanas to provide them! Thank you, dear friends. I have developed new friendships with people I have never met face to face, but felt a connection to. That connection as brothers and sisters in Christ will enable us to meet one day when we live in the same beautiful city together! We praise God for His marvelous work! We were blessed to have joined Him in it!

I had a friend who encouraged me with a message she sent recently, and it should encourage all of us as our mission comes to completion:

“Even if no one steps in and keeps the ministry going, I know the effects of the ministry will live on. Who knows how many souls have been saved through OB and how many others have been and will be saved through those very people touched and changed through OB…snowball effect!”

Her words are exactly why we started Operation Bandanas and were a confirmation to me that we were faithful to do what God called us to do. I believe we stepped up “for such a time as this” from 2006 to 2019 and there is no doubt it was God who had a plan and purpose for our unique and simple mission.

Many thanks to all who contributed to Operation Bandanas with your time and treasure. YOU were Operation Bandanas! Not only were necessary donations provided, but there were many hands that lovingly folded and packaged each individual bandana to then be sent on its way to extraordinary and courageous Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard. We thank God for the men and women who serve, protect, and preserve our freedoms here at home and abroad. They are to be remembered, respected, and appreciated. God keep them and their families under the shelter of His wings. And you and yours also!

Dwelling and Abiding,

Mary Bass Gray
Founder and Executive Director
Author, “Lovin’ Our Troops, A Story of Service on Two Fronts”
PO Box 87356
Fayetteville, NC 28304
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