Operation Bandana has provided 298,707 bandanas as of 10/30/2020         

Nationwide ION Magazine posts its Giving Issue. Operation Bandanas one of seven charities featured.

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New Leadership Information

I am pleased to announce the new leader who felt the call to carry Operation Bandanas forward into 2020 upon my retirement. I was retiring, but God was not going to retire Operation Bandanas! He still has work to do in and through THIS ministry! It will carry on without me. As I have always said, I was just the engine on the train. God was, continues to be and always will be the Chief Engineer! I just needed to get the train rolling on the track, pick up “paying passengers” to provide the Psalm 91 bandanas and deliver them to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard, Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard! On March 1 2020, Sherri Naylor of Sanford, NC, will become the engine and take over the day to day operations as the new Executive Director. She has the same passion and love for serving God and serving our military as I have. Please continue to support Operation Bandanas with your donations. The Psalm 91 bandanas are a beautiful gift to our amazing servicemen and women and a wonderful way to express our love and appreciation to them.

Mary Bass Gray, Founder and President

Contact information for Sherri is:

To send donations (make checks out to Operation Bandanas):

Sherri Naylor, Operation Bandanas
PO Box 5191
Sanford NC 27331

Or you may donate online via the PayPal link on the Home page.



Please read all the way through!

It is with a thankful and happy heart to announce to friends and supporters of Operation Bandanas that Operation Bandanas will continue after all! For those who did not see the announcement earlier in the year, I was going to retire after 13 years to focus on some family issues that needed my full attention. It was a very bittersweet decision, but one that I felt necessary. Unless someone fully committed to carrying it on, the ministry of Operation Bandanas was going to have to retire with me. I had so many people tell me it needed to continue, and I continued to receive requests from chaplains for the bandanas throughout the summer. It would grieve me to have to tell them I was no longer able to supply them. But obviously God still has more work to do in and through those simple bandanas printed with His powerful words of Psalm 91 and has sent someone to commit to and continue our personal and unique ministry to our military!

This special woman, Sherri Naylor, has the same passion for this mission and love for our military and will be taking over the day to day management of and responsibility for Operation Bandanas after the first of the year! I will continue to go alongside her and assist in getting things rolling again to get more Psalm 91 bandanas into the hands of our amazing men and women serving our nation in uniform! I am so excited to see what God has in store for Operation Bandanas in 2020 and how many more amazing men and women serving in uniform that OpBan can be a blessing to!

Please continue supporting this mission as we continue to receive requests from chaplains to cover their units. Each bandana costs $5.00, a small cost in return for the mission, literally, that our armed forces continue to commit themselves to…to preserve and protect our freedom and safety here at home and abroad. God has provided over $1,000,000.00 through His people for this grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit that began on November 5, 2006, and He isn’t done with it yet! I know He will continue to provide what is needed since this is HIS ministry! I have just been the engine on the train! But so many thousands of individuals all across our country who love and appreciate our military and hundreds of churches who love and appreciate them as well, have collectively hopped aboard the train and provided 2998,707 (as of 10/30/2020) Psalm 91 bandanas to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard!

So here we go again, full steam ahead! Please consider a gift to Operation Bandanas, and let’s bless these great Americans with gifs of Psalm 91 bandanas as a reminder that God is always with them and will give them the courage and strength to do whatever they have been called to do wherever they may be! Our bandanas go where we can’t! Be that one who presents this to your church to collectively receive and send a special gift or be the one to personally encourage and provide some of our finest with a donation. Also, a gift in honor of or in memory of someone is a special way to remember someone. If you request it and send information, a letter can then be sent to the person or family of the person you remembered.

All gifts are tax-deductible.

Mary Bass Gray, Founder and President

Make a gift online!


Mail a check payable to Operation Bandanas to:

Operation Bandanas
PO Box 5191
Sanford NC 27331



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