Operation Bandana has provided 303,282 bandanas as of 3/1/2022         


Operation Bandanas began in November, 2006, when God very clearly called me to begin this simple, yet powerful ministry to our military.  The call was to provide Psalm 91 bandanas to our servicemen and women from Ft. Bragg, NC, deploying to Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom, and to Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Since that time, Operation Bandanas has become a nationwide ministry of spiritual encouragement to all branches of service, providing Psalm 91 bandanas to those who are in training preparing for whatever they are called to do; deployed all over the globe to ensure safety and freedom here at home and abroad; and to military hospitals where many are recovering from wounds inflicted upon them while serving. Our gifts of Psalm 91 bandanas are a simple reminder to them that God is always with them and that they are loved, appreciated, and remembered. Chaplains are our main source of distribution.

Our desire and passion, and the mission of Operation Bandanas, is to give every soldier serving our nation an opportunity to know the one true God and to receive His Son, Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior, so that, should they lose their life on the battlefield, they will receive eternal peace and joy in the presence of God. I know it’s only one passage of Scripture, but I’m praying that one passage will open the gates of Heaven to many who have never read a passage of Scripture before and lead them to a relationship with Christ.  I want our soldiers to have a fighting chance at salvation.  If a Psalm 91 bandana can lead them to that, then we will have fulfilled our mission.

We will never know the impact we make, but one day, a soldier may come up to me or you in heaven and thank us for that bandana with God’s Word printed on it that we provided for him or her that then led them to explore more about the things of God, got them to a chapel service, had them open their heart and mind to read more of God’s Word, and be convicted of their need of a Savior. Psalm 91 is a prayer of protection, deliverance and long life; but, most importantly of all, at the end of our life on earth, all that will matter is what we did with Christ and whether or not we will receive His eternal salvation.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us this privilege and opportunity to serve You and to serve those serving us in uniform.  We pray Your Word will not return void. We pray for peace in our hearts and in our homes. And, we pray for our Nation and those in leadership making decisions that will determine the course of our history.

May God bless and protect America and the selfless, brave patriots who protect, preserve, and defend our freedom; and God be near and dear to their families, particularly those separated from their loved ones who are deployed and awaiting their return and for those dear ones who received their loved one remains.

Under His wings,

Mary Gray

Founder & Executive Director

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”  Ps 91:1(NIV)