Operation Bandana has provided 303,282 bandanas as of 3/1/2022         

How You Can Help


1. Donations from grateful, generous citizens, churches, organizations, companies, and friends and families of our military.

2.Involve/mobilize your church in providing these for our troops by promoting OpBan over a period of time, then taking up an offering to provide Psalm 91 bandanas to whole units at a time.

3. Youth, children, Sunday school classes, Vacation Bible Schools, missions organizations, circles, Associations, Christian schools, and Scouts can adopt OpBan as a project. This is a great way to sensitize our young people to remember those serving our nation. (Our DVD has an excellent clip of a chaplain speaking to students, grades 1-12, of a particular 19 year old young man who demonstrated extraordinary sacrifice and courage.)

4. Promote and plan a Patriotic event, (i.e. Memorial Day, July 4th, Veterans’ Day) and give to OpBan in honor of and in memory of those who have served and are serving.

5. Be creative.In February, give a gift of love to our troops with gifts of Ps. 91 bandanas; In March, “March For the Troops” (a creative idea that a church used during the month of March); in November, give a gift of thanks

6. Spread the word about this mission to others in your community (i.e. churches, organizations, individuals, companies). Social media and e-mail address books are a great way to get the word out. Encourage those that you contact to visit our website to get the full scope of what we are doing. Forward brochures and newsletters on to others.

7. Think beyond just getting them for one soldier. Send extra bandanas to their unit, platoon, company; otherwise many soldiers would not receive a Psalm 91 bandana as a gift of encouragement and inspiration.

8. Volunteer to fold & package bandanas.

9. If you send perishable food and items to our troops, add the imperishable food of God’s Word to the boxes to give them strength and nourishment for their souls.

10. Share, share, share with any and all so they can be inspired to join our mission and support our armed forces through this unique ministry.


“Once word got out that we had Ps. 91 bandanas, we ran out immediately. Soldiers wear them under their helmets to keep sweat out of their eyes while on mission, and always ask specifically for the Psalm bandana. Please let me know how we could go about getting more… we would be forever grateful.”

“Thank you for the bandana. I’m not a very religious person, but your nice gesture has caused me to look more into it.”

“The dust on the road is like talcum powder 3-4″ deep, but as the trucks & MRAPS drove by kicking up the dust, I was well sheltered with my goggles & bandana. When I’m not wearing it, I have it stuck into the springs on the rack above mine so I can fall asleep and wake up to the Psalm each day.

“My Word that goes forth from My mouth shall not return to Me void. It shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11