Operation Bandana has provided 303,282 bandanas as of 3/1/2022         


2016- 2017

I am a Chaplain’s assistant with 1st Special Warfare Training group which is responsible for training future Green Berets. Currently the Chaplain ministers to 2,000 students and instructors. We would like to get some Psalm 91 bandanas to pass out to the trainees. We have received some from your ministry in the past and they where well received by the soldiers in our unit. My regards and thank you for your ministry.

Hello, I am the chaplain assistant at a remote base in Iraq. I am a part of a joint operation involving Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. I would like to request Psalm 91 bandanas for the troops here. Since we are a joint operation, we would need bandanas in multiple patterns.

First and foremost I greatly appreciate your support of both God and Country. Everyone always thanks the service members, but people like you and your team who support and pray for our service members are just as vital to preserving the freedoms of this country as our soldiers on the front lines. I have an Air Defense Battalion who is due to deploy this summer and I would like to request some of the bandanas to give out. If you have 150 in the Multi cam I would greatly appreciate it.

I recently learned of your amazing program and would like information on how to help get these bandanas pushed to our deployed soldiers.

I am currently deployed in the middle east. My squadron and I were wondering if your organization would be willing to send 50 Psalm 91 bandanas as a support care package. A few already have bandanas of their own and love to dip them in cool water to keep their body temperature as low as possible. The sun really beats down. 50 should cover us. Any support would be greatly appreciated! God Bless.

I am an Army chaplain. We are currently deployed in Poland. My battalion has 750+ Soldiers…When we arrived a few of these bandanas were found here. I think it is a great encouragement. I was wondering if you could send some more our way, like maybe 200.

I am an Army disabled veteran who was deployed twice to Iraq and on my first tour I kept a Psalm 91 bandana in my pocket or in my Kevlar helmet when I went on patrols. When I got back I misplaced my bandana…I was wondering where I could get another one so I can have it every where I go.

I am currently deployed overseas to Kuwait and before I left, my church gave me a Psalm91 Camouflage Bandana and I cant seem to find it. It is very dear to me and I was wondering how can I go about getting another one. What do I have to pay or how can I simply get some shipped here to my unit. It is a total of 21 of us. Please help in any way you can. Thanks! I really appreciate it.

I would like to request 400 bandanas for my Brigade in Baumholder, Germany. I have been blessed to receive your bandanas in Iraq and Afghanistan in past years. Troops are always inspired to receive them. I appreciate your ministry to us. My favorite verses from Psalm 91 is, “‘Because he loves me,’ says the Lord, ‘I will rescue him. I will protect him because he acknowledges my name. he will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble.

I received a small number of bandanas from Operation Bandanas a little while ago, and was wondering if I could get some more? They have been a big hit with our Soldiers and I would love to have more to share.

The 101st airborne is currently deployed in Iraq and come the fall more of our troops are getting deployed. One of the items that have been handing out to our deployers is your nice beautiful Psalm 91 bandana. I was wondering if we could get some more of them shipped to us.

My command is going to be leaving soon for a deployment. My chaplain has one of your bandanas and would like to get 250 MARPAT our command. If you could tell us what you are able to provide in Marine desert that would be great. Thank you for all that you do.

I’d like to ask you, humbly, to donate a box of Psalm 91 Bandanas for my soldiers who separate from their families. And some of them come and go to deploy diverse places around Europe. Hoping that this will work for His Kingdom and multiply our ministry.

I am with the U.S. Air Force deployed to Kuwait. If at all possible I would love to make a request for my 40 members deployed. I am planning the first get together for them in 2 month, for a chance to finally Relax with friendship and fellowship. I think some bandanas would go a long way in helping with that fellowship here. Whatever you could do would be much appreciated.

Hi Mary I am with the California Army National Guard. I’m the Chaplin assistant for the 746 HHC unit in van Nuys California. I just wanted to give you an update. We went to our AT at Fort Irwin and our Soldiers loved the bandanas. we actually ran out of bandanas on week 2 of 3. I was wondering if we would be able to get another supply of bandanas? We have 800 soldiers in our battalion. So I am requesting the following
200 of US Army
200 of US Air Force
200 of US Navy
200 of USMC

Hello, Ma’am. This is CH Kim from 13th CSSB in JBLM, WA. I have 1400 Soldiers to take care of. Would you mind send around 500 bandanas? It will be greatly appreciated. Some companies are deployed already. Another will deploy soon.

XVIII ABN Corps, Fort Bragg, NC is now deployed serving as the Combined Joint Task Force HQs in support of Operation Iraqi Resolve. We would love to receive some bandanas for our Soldiers here in Kuwait and even forward in Iraq.

First of all, I want to today thank you for having a servant’s heart!  Each time that my husband deployed (four deployments) I played the Psalm 91 CD over him each and everyday.  I know without a doubt that God has His hand on my husband and has placed him as a 1SG in an EOD unit for such a time as this! I am in the process of preparing blessing deployment care bags for my husband’s unit and am requesting to get the Psalm  91 bandanas to put in their blessing deployment care bags.  They will be deploying very soon.  How can I go about getting them?

I am a chaplain assigned to a Special Forces Battalion in Florida. I just arrived here 2 weeks ago and discovered a have a few teams pushing out to the Southern Hemisphere soon and will be gone during the major holidays of the Fall/Winter season. I am requesting bandanas (prefer OCP if available) if they are available. Please inform me what I need to do. I do believe you supported my former unit in Iraq in 2015 (3rd BDE 82 ABN). Thank you very much for your support. We gave many away in our chapel and I was also able to give them away to our troopers even after redeployment.  Thank again for your support and loving ministry is supporting our Soldiers. May God bless you and the peace of Christ be always with you.

I am the Wing Chaplain at the 169th Fighter Wing, South Carolina Air National Guard, and I would like to request the Psalm 91 bandanas. These will be made available to members of my military unit before they deploy. May God bless you and your ministry for offering these Psalm 91 bandanas to our troops.

I’m the battalion chaplain for 1-67AR at Fort Bliss, TX. We’ll be deploying this summer and it would be great to pass out the bandanas to the Soldiers before they leave. We have 650 Soldiers in our battalion. Thank you for your support. The Soldiers love them.


Again, I want to thank you for this great ministry that you are providing to our Soldiers. I would like to again to request some bandanas to distribute to my new Soldiers. I have given all of mine away and I have Soldiers who would like one of their own to carry around. They are great ministry tools and I do appreciate them. You are a blessing to many Soldiers.  1st BN, 44th ADA Chaplain


I received a shipment of the bandanas while deployed – not knowing where they came from, and was blessed to hand these out to my Soldiers while serving with the 113th Special Troops Battalion. I am now serving with the 505th Combat Engineers. When you have a moment, please let me know how I can secure bandanas for my new unit. Blessings to you Mary, and thank you for this ministry.


I am attached to Naval Special Warfare Group 2. I was wondering if it would be possible to get some Psalm 91 Desert Digital Pattern Bandanas (50-100) for one of our deploying Teams if at all possible? Thank you so much and have a great day.


I am with the 335th Signal Command in Iraq. I just saw your website recently and we are in the process of going back to the States. Recently I have been reading PSALM 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth. It was very spiritually and physically fulfilling. I realized that PSALM 91 is the only book in the bible that provides all the physical and spiritual protection that a child of GOD could ever have. Because of this book, I rededicated my life to the LORD. And I am glad I did. I would appreciate it highly if you would allow me to order PSALM 91 Bandanas for our unit.


I am a Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) for a unit in the Alabama National Guard. I have a unit that is deploying in July. I was wondering how can I order some the Psalm 91- A Soldier Prayer Bandanas? The Family Readiness Group would like to hand these out to the Soldiers that are deploying at the pre-deployment event in May. I hope you can help me. Thank you and God bless you.


Please send us 500 ACU bandanas to cover down on our troops.Thank you so much for your support we truly appreciate it. Chaplain, North Carolina National Guard


I would very much like to request some “bandanas” for my various units. In the past your bandanas have come up in the field and there has always been enough around.

Now I am running on just a few … may I ask for 50?! Chaplain, Quantico, VA


I emailed you about a month ago about requesting Psalm 91 Bandanas for my battalion. We received the bandanas downrange and they were a huge hit! Would it be possible to request 500 more? These bandanas are in very high demand within our battalion.


I have a group of Soldiers downrange that I am putting together care packages for. I received one of your bandanas when I was downrange and I carried it everywhere with me. I was wondering if I would be able to get some of the bandanas to include in my packages that I will be mailing off this weekend.


I respectfully request at 200 multicam bandanas for my Soldiers.Chaplain, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA


I would like to request bandanas for my husband’s unit. They just left on a deployment. There are 2500 on the deployment. I am requesting 500 or whatever you can give.


I passed along the 100-count box of Psalm 91 bandanas to the British Chaplain.  On seeing them, the Aussie (Michael) asked if he could get some too!  We would be grateful for another 100. I’m sure they would be well received.   Thanks for all you do. Chaplain, NATO Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit, Kandahar Airfield


I am an active duty US Navy Sailor currently deployed. I was wanting to inquire about obtaining some bandanas for my squadron and myself. We just started deployment and have 7 months to go. I recently came across your page and I have to say what you are doing is awesome.  Thank you for all your time and support. If there is any way myself and my shipmates can get a few bandanas that would be awesome.


I want to say thank you for the ministry you provide to our Soldiers. I have previously received bandanas for a unit I was in that deployed to Afghanistan. They were well received and I know a number of my Soldiers still carry them with them. I am in a new unit with a unique mission and would like to request some more bandanas so that I can distribute to them to encourage them as they do the work they do. We have an assigned strength of about 350 Soldiers.


I am the Chaplain Assistant for the 419th CSSB currently deployed in Bagram, Afghanistan. Currently our battalion has 6 Transportation Units rolling outside the wire every day. Our Unit Ministry Team consisting of myself and my Chaplain CH (CPT) Brown would like to request bandanas if possible. Currently we have a little over 800 soldiers in the Battalion but would appreciate any bandanas you could send in the multi-cam print. We have a lot of young soldiers who are between the ages of 18-21 years old who are deploying for the first time and are clinging to their faith for strength and guidance. My last deployment I wore my Psalm 91 bandana every mission I rolled out on for protection. I know that the bandana will bring a little bit of ease for the soldiers, especially the first timers.


Dear Mary, my name is CH (CPT) Anthony Gasso from the 746th CSSB in Van Nuys, CA. Thank you for providing the Psalm 91 Bandanas for our troops. Please provide some bandanas to our battalion. The 746th CSSB is composed of 5 companies from Riverside, CA to Fresno CA, with a total number of Soldiers at about 900. Can you please donate 100 bandanas for our Soldiers? God bless your ministry. In Christ CH Gasso


“I’m a chaplain assigned to the trauma hospital at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. I came across a box of your bandanas and started putting them out for the various staff and patients (US and Coalition) and they seem to go fast. If you have adequate supply, I would be happy to distribute more. Thank you.”

(Mary here…My heart goes out to this chaplain and all those who care for our troops and coalition forces at this hospital. I can’t even imagine what the trauma hospital in Afghanistan is like. I am thankful to all who have provided donations for OpBan to be able to have Psalm 91 bandanas available to meet this request. Donations are always needed and appreciated, not just by me, but by our armed forces who are recipients of our gifts of love, appreciation, and spiritual support.)


This is Chaplain Humphrey and I am a chaplain in the Air Force, 23rd Special Tactics Squadron. I work with our Air Force Special Forces and am interested in giving them the Psalms 91 bandana. I would need about 100 of them. Let me know if this would be possible.


Hello, my name is Chaplain Taylor Kim. I recently PCSed to Shaw Air Force Base. I am a head quarters BN Chaplain for Army Central Command. We have hundreds of men and women under our command. Can you kindly send me bandanas? It will be really helpful for my ministry over here.


My wife had contacted you a little while back about getting some bandanas for my company in Afghanistan because when I was in Iraq I received one that I still carry 5yrs later; it’s an ACU pattern one. I have one of the multicam ones now so I will continue to carry them with me. Thank you and everyone involved with Operation Bandanas. We appreciate what you do. Putting God’s word into a soldier’s hands is probably the best gift you could give them.

11/14/13 (from a Ft. Bragg Soldier’s wife)

I have spoken with our chaplain.  He said if you are able to supply bandanas for the unit they would very much appreciate it and ensure they make it directly to the soldiers. The chaplain said 500 would cover the unit… I know that is a tall order. So please let me know if that is too many! I am so appreciative of Operation Bandana’s donation to our unit.  And I am so excited to be a part of it… even as a package delivery girl!  (500 provided!)

10/29/13 (from the wife of a Soldier)

I spoke with u the other day on the phone about how I wanted to send Psalm 91 bandanas over to one of me and my husband’s really close friends and his squadron. They are rescue pilots currently deployed in Afghanistan. Please keep these courageous men in ur thoughts and prayers. I always wanted to tell u and everyone else involved with your organization thank u from the bottom of my heart. What a blessing, covering, supportive and inspiring gift that a small bandana can give these men and women in their darkest hours. By the grace of God and amazing people like you, my husband will be returning home to my loving arms. Please continue to pray for him and all of his teammates and their families. This was a rough one. One of his teammates won’t be returning for he has gone home to be with the Lord. Many thanks and blessing to u and Operation Bandanas.  KB, Katy, TX


I made a request for bandanas earlier this year and I have given all those to my Soldiers. Since we are deployed, I have had more requests for bandanas. Is it possible to request additional bandanas? If so, I would like to request 50 (if possible) ACU bandanas, however, I will gratefully accept whatever number you send. Thank you for this awesome ministry!  CH (CPT) Timothy Baranoski, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait


I ordered some bandanas from you about a year ago. I was wondering if we could place an order again? We assumed GRF again this year and my chaplain would like to have at least one box of the bandanas to bring with us if we get the call. Thank you for your time! Have a blessed day! SPC Thompson, Cody, Chaplain Assistant, 1-319th AFAR


Hi Ma’am
I’m the Chaplain Assistant for 4/10th INF BN out Fort Jackson SC. We have had soldiers coming in and out about your bandanas so my CSM put me on the Job to track some down. So I’m writing you asking could be please get some of your bandanas. Thanks


Greetings, I hope this email finds you all doing well.  I am writing on behalf of our Task Force Brawler Soldiers.  I wanted to see if there is any way we can get some Psalms 91 military multicam bandanas here in Afghanistan.  Thank you very much for your support.

Task Force Brawler
CH (CPT) Abraham G Sarmiento


I’m currently a volunteer for my husband’s BDE who is getting ready to deploy very soon. I was  not aware of this, but a friend of my husband’s approached me about the Bandanas 91 that he received in 2008. He stated that he truly believes he is alive today due to that.  That’s when the Soldier provided me with your website and asked if I can please get these for our Soldiers who need God. Is there any way I can get these for a brave men and women?

This is a great operation that I will send out to all my sponsors. Also, I’m placing a little background about this in my weekly newsletter with the link to the site. Keep up the wonderful job!!!

Kristy Priest


I am emailing you to request 100 of the Psalm 91 Bandanas for NMCB 15 we are preparing to deploy and would like to have these available for our troops as soon as we can. Thank you for your help and willingness to provide these items for our troops spiritual health.


I am the Chaplain’s Assistant for the 178 EN BN out of Rock Hill SC. We are currently deployed to Afghanistan. I was writing to request information on how to obtain some the Psalm 91 Bandanas. We had just a few and they went as fast as I could put them out for people to take. We not only support our company from back home but a battalion of soldiers. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
FOB Sharana


I lost my first bandana I ever had a while ago, but I still carry prayer card and photo every where I go around the world in my pocket of rucksack since 2009………may I have another, and thank u for all u do for us…. u have no idea how much it helps……….








I am the Chaplain Assistant for the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade out of Fort Leonard Wood MO. During my last deployment to Afghanistan, the Psalm 91 bandanas brought a great sense of peace and God’s protection to our Soldiers. Our units consist primarily of Military Police and Engineers. When our Soldiers deploy, their missions often include force protection and route clearance. The reality of being face to face with those who mean them harm is something our Soldiers face and overcome every day while deployed. Would you help us offer that sense of peace of protection and peace again by sending us 300 Psalm 91 bandanas in the ACU pattern? Thank you so much for the ministry you provide. Pro Deo et Patria (For God and Country)!


I am a logistics officer on a small team of advisors currently serving in Afghanistan. I am in care of the morale for the team, so I am trying to do my part. I would like to request a few bandanas for my team if possible. We are currently not supported by an American Chaplain and the nearest FOB is run by Australians.

I was fortunate enough to receive a bandana during my deployment to Iraq back in 2009 and I still carry it with me every day.

We spend 7 days a week living with and advising our Afghan counterparts so free time is minimal anything you could do to help boost our spirits would be great. We appreciate what you do for all of us still pressing forward over here.
Thanks in advance…CPT H, Tarin Kowt


I am a chaplain getting ready to deploy with my unit in a very short period of time. I recently came across your web site and was amazed about what God has done through your ministry. Would it be possible to get 400 multicam bandanas for my troopers? Thanks for considering my request.  CH Voudouris, Ft. Stewart, GA


We have a Company that is being deployed and would love to pass these Bandanas out before they go to Afghanistan. If we could get 200 that would be great. Thank you for your support for our troops.

27th Engineer Battalion, Ft. Bragg, NC


2nd Marine Regiment would like to request 200 bandanas for our upcoming deployment. We will take as many as you can send.

I’m the wife of a deployed soldier and also the co-treasurer of the 1157th Trans Co Family Readiness Group, Oshkosh, WI. I have been looking for other ways to support our troops and found a link to Operation Bandanas on one of the pages that frequent a lot. What an incredible way to share God’s word by inscribing it on the bandana which has many uses for the soldiers! I am graciously requesting to have 126 bandanas sent to each soldier of this unit if any way possible.


I am Chaplain Kim with 1-23 Infantry Battalion. My unit consists of 1,000 Soldiers and is in a very dangerous Area of Operation. For my Soldiers’ safety and encouragement to their morale, I would like to request 400 bandanas. I know this is a major request. If this is too much, then I would appreciate any number that you can support.


God Bless You and your ministry. When I was in Iraq, I kept the bandana close. It was a reminder of all the prayers back home. God was gracious to my platoon and myself. We didn’t receive contact from IEDs or individuals the whole 12 months of deployment. I am now in S. Korea putting together a care package for the guys in my company. God has given me the opportunity to be the Supply NCO for my company even though it is not my MOS. I see it as an opportunity to reach out and touch some of these boys for Christ. There are 70ish guys in my Tank company. Korea is always coming and going. Thanks and God Bless!

In Christ, SGT C. Smith, D CO, 1-72AR BN



My chaplain would like to order 200 bandanas if at all possible. We are the 1-319th AFAR of the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division.



My son is deployed with the 781st Transportation Company out of Ft. Deposit, Alabama. Could you please let me know how I can go about getting our guys a bandana to send to them. Someone gave me the web site and I love it. We need 140 bandanas.



I am in Kandahar, Afghanistan and I work as a Navy trauma RN in the trauma bay at the NATO Role 3 Combat Hospital and we are doing some amazing things…

It’s very ironic that I given one of your multi-cam bandanas yesterday, because 4 days ago while I was working, 3 Army soldiers and their translator were on mounted patrol (in their MRAP vehicle) when they struck an IED. The MRAP took the place of the humvee over here and they use them when on patrol off the base. Anyway they were blown up by an IED (improvised explosive device) when the front tire ran over it. All 4 climbed out without a scratch on them. The blast was so powerful that the front wheel and suspension was thrown 300 feet away. The other soldiers in the other vehicles thought they were killed from the blast. When I helped the driver take off his shirt in our trauma bay he had verses from Psalm 91 tattooed on his chest.  I told him “I think I know who saved you” and he agreed and recited it for me as I read it from his chest.

So if you could provide me with about 25-50 of the bandanas, I could give them out with a blessing to our soldiers that I treat in the trauma bay. Thank you for all you do, and I know if it brought a smile to my face, I just could imagine what it will do for a wounded combat soldier.

In His service, L. Noble



Our Company, the 593rd MTC of the Nevada National Guard is going to deploy to Afghanistan. We have almost 200 soldiers in the Company. My friend, whose husband is deploying and myself, who has a son
deploying, would like to present these bandanas and the poem card to all the soldiers in the company at the Mobilization Ceremony. God bless you for all you do!



My Daughter is a Wisconsin Army National Guard with the 1157 Unit. She asked her sister to help me make camouflage bandanas. Then someone told her about Psalm 91. Later that day, she was given one of your bandanas. When she told me about God giving her this message through our soldiers and you, I felt better about her deployment, knowing that God will be with her during her journey. First I would like to Thank You for all you’ve done for our country and second I would like to know if it would be possible to have some delivered to her friends. Around 130 Heroes are in her unit.



I am serving with the 204th ENG unit in NY for the National Guard. I had a few samples of your bandanas and they were an instant hit, especially with our troops getting ready to deploy. I was wondering what I needed to do to get about 50 for the troops heading out. God Bless your ministry, it is people like you who keep our troops going by showing you care for them, and their well being. These will be a big hit and blessing to the soldiers, they really like the ability of carrying these with them, best Psalm you could pick for this ministry!


I am a Reservist in the Navy and a Nurse Practitioner serving in Afghanistan. Our ladies at my home church, Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Simpsonville, SC, sent bandanas to me for our troops here in Afghanistan. They were a hit. Everyone loves them! Is it possible you can send about 100-125 more to us? Thank you so much for your ministry. Every little effort from our fellow Americans to show that we are supported truly makes a difference to help us carry out our mission. That mission being, keeping America safe.



My unit and I, the 365 CSSB, an Army Reserve Component from Jackson, MS, have made it to Shindand, Afghanistan. Our soldiers loved the Psalm 91 bandanas you sent to us. We do appreciate them. The Chaplain and I were hoping you could get us 50 more sent. Thank-you!



My daughter is with the 82nd Airborne. I would like to know what I can do to order 150 of these bandanas to take with me to see her off. She really wants to share them with her unit. They are headed to Afghanistan. I have them on 7 prayer lists to date and have printed this Psalm for my daughter but know this will help them all remember God is there.

Leslie, Katy, TX



I am a Marine Officer in Camp Lejeune, NC. One of my best friends from college who helped me rediscover my faith has recently deployed to Afghanistan. Your friends and mine, Grady and Brenda, were a blessing to my platoon and me through their sponsorship of the Psalm 91 Bandanas which allowed me pass out one to everyone in my platoon. I would love the opportunity to support my friend, and his platoon, he has done so much for me.



I’m the 782nd BSB, 4BCT chaplain’s assistant. Your organization has supported us with ACU Psalms 91 handkerchiefs in the past, and I’m wondering if we can make a request for at least 450 of them if possible.

God bless you!


Our Squadron, 4-4 CAV is currently deployed but will be coming home soon. It would be such a lift to have multi cam psalm 91 Bandanas. We have had a very tough deployment, and we have seen loss (7 KIA’s so far with many wounded) and many miracles. The multi-cam is now precious to us. If you can, please send 600 multi-cam Psalm 91 Bandanas. We appreciate your ministry. Your bandanas are a genuine tool in God’s hands.  I have passed out DCU bandanas in Iraq, and ACU bandanas in Fort Carson and Korea. Please give our since thanks to our brothers and sisters in Christ who have invested in your effective ministry. THOMAS J. LESH, CH(CPT), USA



My husband is the Commander for Attack Co 5-20 IN and they are stationed on a COP (Combat Out Post) in Afghanistan. He has 207 soldiers in his command, if you could send enough for them that would be wonderful!! I know that anything you are able to send that they would all greatly appreciate it.


I was wondering if I could request some bandanas for my husband and his platoon of about 40 other men. He is currently deployed to Afghanistan.



I would like to receive 100 Multicam pattern Psalm 91 bandanas to distribute to my Troops.  Please let me know what else I may need to do in order to receive these.  Thanks!

CH(CPT) Mike Jernigan
192D Ordnance Battalion (EOD)
CJTF Paladin South-KAF


Actually I was going to ask for 200 more because we can’t keep these things in stock.  If you could spare them then we would love some more!

SGT Dustin Richards
Chaplain Assistant
1297th CSSB Task Force Raven


My unit has spent almost 7 months in this deployment.  I have a Psalm91 bandana always in my pocket. I use this Psalm 91 for my convoy blessing always before my soldiers head outside the wire.  It is so powerful God’s promises to keep protecting my soldiers.  I want to give these bandana to my soldiers and wounded in Action soldiers.
Again, thank you.

CH J Lee, 1-25 SBCT


Hi Sir or Ma’am,
How are you?

Can you send Psalm91 Bandanas to my soldiers?  I have 700 soldiers in Afghanistan since May 2011.

If you could send it, I will let you know my mailing address

Thank you in advance,

CH J Lee, 1-25 SBCT


Dear Mary,

Our Squadron, 4-4 CAV is currently deployed but will be coming home soon.  It would be such a lift to have multi cam psalm 91 Bandanas.  We have had a very tough deployment, and we have seen loss (7 KIA’s so far with many wounded) and many miracles.  The multi-cam is now precious to us.  We appreciate your ministry.  Your bandanas are a genuine tool in God’s hands.

I am yours in Him,



Greetings in the name of the Most High,

I am writing you this email to request 200 of the Operation Bandanas. I am the Family Life Chaplain here at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan. I work with Coalition Chaplains from Australia, Canada and Slovakia to name a few as well as American Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines. ThesesBandanas can surely help out my ministry.

CH (MAJ) Terrell L. Jones




I am a battalion chaplain with the 10th sustainment brigade.  I would like to request some bandanas for our Soldiers.  We arrived at BAF in October and the previous Chaplain had two or three left over.  When our Soldiers saw them they were very excited about the possibility of having some for themselves.  Thanks for all you do!

CH (CPT) Jesse W. Hunt



I am the FRG Leader of 2-82 HHC AVN at Ft. Bragg. I did get the pleasure of meeting you at the Deployment Fair this past month and I did receive one of your bandanas and sent it off with my husband when they left 2 weeks ago. He loved it. I was wondering if you would be able to send some to his company? There are about 80 soldiers in our company. I know they would really appreciate it.



I am in the 1484th from North Canton, Ohio. We are serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I recently started working with the Chaplain in the 1297th Battalion and we came across a box of your OCP Multicam Bandanas. The soldiers love them. We are a transportation company and we pull security for civilian and military convoys. The gunners love the bandanas to cover their face and mouth from the dirt, dust and sand as we move along. I was wondering if we could get another box of the multicam bandanas.

Thank you so much for all your support, dedication and hard work. It’s an awesome thing to be able to bless the soldier with something they need and reach them all for Christ. Thank you.
Chaplain Assistant



I’m currently in Afghanistan serving as a Chaplain’s assistant. We just pulled in on the 18th of September and have more than we can handle!!!Our ministry is going out to a hair over 40,000, YES FOURTY THOUSAND, troops and there are some camps that need some major morale boosting! Saw one of your bandanas on a soldier passing through our compound and wanted to know where I could get some. I was directed to this email and God knows we need your help so badly!!! The Chaplain and I are going to be making a ministry tour through out Afghanistan and I know it may be a lot to ask for, but I was wondering if I could get somewhere around 500 of your bandanas? That’s just to start off. Please if someone could contact me about these we would greatly appreciate it! God bless you for all that you do for us and for serving in the name of the Lord!





Greetings in the Lord.  I intend to request 450 bandanas when we arrive in Afghanistan.  If I can get on a waiting list, that will be great.  I will get you an address ASAP if needed to get on the list.  May God bless you and your ministry.

Chaplain MR



We need 5 more boxes of bandanas. Population increases everyday by the hundreds!
Fr. Victor



You are really awesome! I was only in country two weeks when the multicam bandanas showed up. Thank you very much. The guys are loving them. I have even found myself in a larger role than I originially expected. They have me running the main chapel in Kandahar and we have around 500 people come through the chapel on any given week; so I will definitely be able to use all the ones you sent me.

Everyone in the RC-South Command chaplain team wanted to be sure that I sent their thanks as well.

SGT Stoewer

82d HHBN



I’m currently serving in Afghanistan with a route clearance unit. We go out to find the IED’s, and clear the route for other troops. My brother was serving in Iraq in 2004, and when he hit an IED it split his helmet into pieces, and the only thing left on his head was his Psalm91 bandana. He was very fortunate and came away with very minor injuries. I carry his bandana with me and read it every time we go out. I just wanted to say thank you for what you and your organization do. Our LT is a Christian, and leads us in prayer before every mission. I make sure to read and pray daily to help stay on the straight and narrow path myself. If there is a way we can get maybe 30 bandanas, it would be great. We got a few of the multicam bandanas, but some of the guys didn’t get them. We are in a very desolate small location. Once again thanks for all that you do, and it’s an honor to serve for people like you.




While in Afghanistan 2009-2010 with the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade out of Savannah GA, our Brigade Chaplain distributed Psalm 91 bandanas to the Battalion Chaplains. We in turn distributed them to our Soldiers.  Our transportation platoon was especially appreciative of the bandanas because they were closest to the fight.  They would hang them in their vehicles and keep them on their persons.

I have recently moved to the 82nd Airborne Division and am with the 1-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  We will be headed to Afghanistan and this time I will be much closer to the fight.  Knowing how much our Soldiiers appreciated the bandanas, I am asking for bandanas for our Paratroopers.  Our Battalion has around 800 Paratroopers of which 70% profess to be Christian.  Whatever amount of bandanas you could afford us would be greatly appreciative.

Thank you and God bless,
Chaplain (CPT) John Monahan


July 15, 2011 

Hi Mary,

Yes, we are wearing the multicam pattern, but my Soldiers have worn the acu anyways and love them.  If you have some of the multicam pattern, I know my men will love those even more.  I would like to share with you a story that happened just a couple days ago.

We are in an area where we are under constant contact with the enemy.  One of my Soldiers sustained a bullet wound to the leg that morning and was brought into our aid station.  When I walked in to visit and to pray with him, the medics had removed all of his clothes and he was completely naked except for one thing… his Psalm 91 bandana that was still tied around his forehead.  This is the second time this Soldier has been injured, and both times he was wearing his bandana.

I share this with you because I want you to know how important these bandanas are to my men.  Your generosity means so much to them.  Thank you for what you have done for us.  May God bless you all richly have done and continue to do for Soldiers!

In HIS service,

Chaplain Olson


June 22, 2011

I’m a Chaplain for an Army Aviation unit that will be deploying soon. The unit consists of 500+ soldiers. If you have that amount, so I can ensure everyone has the chance to get one, that would be outstanding. If not, I completely understand. For starters, if you only have “X” amount, I will take what you can spare.

It is truly a blessing to serve these soldiers. God continues to reveal himself daily and it truly is an honor to serve both “God and Country”. I thank you for what you do. It’s crazy that something simple as a bandana will brighten the mood of the soldiers so I thank you in advance for what you do.

God bless,
CH (1LT) John Denny


June 20, 2011

My name is CH (CPT) Mark J. Olson and I am writing because I am very interested in the Operation Bandana ministry.  I am with the 3-21 IN BN out of Alaska and we are in Afghanistan.  Please let me know what I need to do to get Psalm 91 bandanas; and thank you for your ministry and support. Many of my Soldiers have come by my office requesting these bandanas.  I went online to look for a source and found your ministry there.  Thank you for making this possible.  My Soldiers wear the bandanas under their helmets to help absorb some of the sweat while on foot patrols.

I have about 800 Soldier under my care.  I don’t know how many bandanas you could provide, but I would make sure that each is distributed to my men.  As you know, PS 91 is widely respected by the fighting man, and I am glad to know that even if they never pick up a Bible, they are still
looking to God for help in times of need.

Blessings to you and all who help in your ministry.

Chaplain Olson


May 6, 2011


I am with 3rd Battalion 4th Marines and we are currently deployed to Afghanistan. When we arrived, I had brought with me about 30 bandanas to give out to the Marines. Those went the first day! The reason that I am writing and asking for 1000 bandanas is, that with the help of the chaplain and a few of the Marines, we have been able to get a go ahead to allow for the wear of the Marine Pattern Psalm 91 bandana under our helmets. This is huge for my Chaplain’s ministry and does 2 very important things. First, of course, is obviously spreading the love that God has for his children through the strong and encouraging words of the Psalms, and second is the fact that during the hot months in Afghanistan these bandanas have the potential to save lives by keeping the sweat out of the eyes.

Though we were able to get permission for wear we do have to concern ourselves with getting enough for everyone in the unit and within our chaplain’s charge. Please let me know if there is anything that I can or need to do to make this happen.


May 4, 2011

As for our need here for bandanas, I will take any amount you can send.  I minister to young men going through Infantryman training so we have up to 1400 soldiers training here when all our companies are in cycle.  If I could get 1000 bandanas that would be great, anymore than that would be awesome.  In this setting that number of 1400 is repeated several times throughout the year as thousands of soldiers are trained and then sent out to join units worldwide.  Most of the young men we train will find themselves in combat within weeks of departing Fort Benning so what you do is indeed spiritually strategic for the lives of these young men.  Thanks again for all you are doing and may God richly bless you tenfold for all your efforts! 


May 3, 2011

I am the Chaplain of the 112th Military Police Battalion, Mississippi Army National Guard. We have recently been alerted for mobilization and deployment overseas later this year. A couple weeks ago I was asked by a Soldier about your bandanas. I also received some boxes today from Campus Crusade’s military ministry which included one of the Psalm 91 bandanas. I would love to be able to offer one of these to each of our deploying Soldiers and perhaps their families, as well. How could I get my hands on about 400 bandanas? Thanks so much for what you do. It really makes our job easier to know how supported we are.