Operation Bandana has provided 303,282 bandanas as of 3/1/2022         


Thank You’s without any date:

Thank you for your prayers and the Psalm 91 bandana. I have carried this bandana in my pocket throughout my deployment here in Iraq. Our Lord has said that His word will not return void; it has been a rock of strength to be able to, at any time, turn to Scripture. The bandana has been a quick reminder of my duty to do all things for the glory of God. God is good, and it is a joy to serve Him. This is my second deployment to Iraq/Kuwait. Now I am on my way home to my family and wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

I wanted to email you and say thank you very much for the package of bandanas.  I have distributed them to my local Soldiers and will be delivering the remainder in the coming weeks. The importance of your support cannot be understated.  In a time of unrest, uncertainty, and violence in the news, your organization’s kind gesture for the Soldiers of the 940th Transportation Detachment gives a significant level of comfort.  I believe I can speak for my Soldiers when I say we are moved every day by the level of support we receive from organizations like yours.  It makes our job here that much easier knowing we have the support of so many at home. Thank you very much for the kindness and support you’ve shown us.  I’d ask one more thing of you, however; please continue to keep all of our service personnel in your prayers!

Thank you and your team for you devotion and love for Christ and our troops.

November 2015

Hello Mary. I am part of a reserve army rigger unit stationed out of Fort Bragg. Myself along with 24 other reserve soldiers from my unit deployed mid-September to a base in Qatar. We are not directly in danger, but we resupply those that are in danger with food, water, and fuel for vehicles. We build loads to be flown in and air-dropped to soldiers in need. I’m usually not the kind of person to write others, but on Thanksgiving some of our soldiers and I went to a prayer breakfast held by one of the Chaplains here on base. At the end of the breakfast they handed us all these prayer bandanas. And it meant soo much to me. I am going through issues at home and I know of a few other soldiers with the same problems. Your deed doesn’t just shield soldiers in battle. It shields hearts from the pain of life.  So I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do. For showing that even though a lot of soldiers are having problems, there are people like you that still care for them and their protection. So again, THANK YOU.

October 2015

Ma’am, I am with a deployed unit (26th Marine Expeditionary Unit). We have some Marines and Sailors asking for these bandanas now that we’ve left home…I would like to furnish every Marine and Sailor with us with a 91st Psalm bandana… I appreciate what you do and what you have done for service members of all branches. Keep up the good work.


I am a Chaplain that recently deployed with the 4-3 ADA BN to Kuwait.  It is extremely hot and harsh environment here and I started handing out Psalm 91 bandanas (the few that I had).  Turns out that it has become a very popular item among our Soldiers, who are specifically asking for it.  How can we order more?  Look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for your ministry to the troops. Our battalion has about 500 Soldiers deployed right now.  So as many multi-cam bandanas as you can send, would be received with joy.  Often times it’s the simple things that make a big difference, especially when it’s very practical for the environment we’re in.


Can you please send 100 psalm 91 bandanas to Joint Base Andrews.  I’m not sure if you have them in ABU color yet, but if not, multi-cam is great!

Grace & Peace,


Hi Mary, my platoon is deployed to Afghanistan. We are very interested in your program. We have about 30 soldiers in our platoon. Please contact me back about how to go about getting into the program. Thank you.

August 1 after my response: We are glad to hear that you can send them!


Dear Mary,

Thank you for dedicating your time to serve God and the US Military Families. My husband has served for the last 8 years. My family and I have memorized Psalm 91. I recently read the military edition Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth and found your link.

We are on a special duty assignment to recruit the next generation of US Marines. This recruiting assignment has had a lot of spiritual issues. I have been praying that God would deliver this unit from the enemy for two years.  I have faith that God is working as we speak. He has knocked down pillars of unbelief and the enemy on every level. We only have a year left in this duty station and I am expecting to see God’s Glory over the unit we are attached to. God is never late and I believe your bandanna’s would help remind the US Marines and their recruits how God is protecting them.

It would be such a blessing to us if we received a box of your bandanna’s for the recruiters, the young men and women enlisting, and our recruiting family. Please let me know how to obtain them. May God Bless you!

7/5/2015 (My response)


I am so sorry about your friend being killed in Afghanistan. It always hurts my heart when I hear of another one of our courageous, amazing young men laying their life on the altar of freedom.

It would be an honor and blessing to provide Psalm 91 bandanas to his battle buddies. Just send me an address of where to send however many you would like to provide.

Thank you for contacting me and giving me this opportunity to be a part of this special memorial for your friend.

7/5/2015 from Brian

I know Jason would of loved what you are doing with the bandanas. It is a great thing you are doing for our brave men and women. I’m making a $50 donation now and will continue to make more.

9 guys are visiting and I would like another to place on his grave. So 10 bandanas would be great.


My name is Brian. My best friend was killed in action in Afghanistan. A few of his platoon brothers are coming to visit our family before they deploy again soon. I would love to make a donation and have some bandanas sent to me so i could pass them out to them. 10 of them are visiting in 3 weeks.


Good Morning,

My unit just got deployed to Afghanistan on a nine month deployment. I was told about your website by other friends that were deployed. I would like to see how my platoon or company can receive the bandanas with the PSALM 91 on it. We are on an outpost and the great Chaplin makes his rounds as often as he can. I know my Soldiers would greatly appreciate having this close to their heart as we conduct our operations. Thank you for any help and the great support. I know this will brighten up Soldier’s day and when in a hardship, they can always read it and feel at ease. Thank you again, and I will send pics of the Soldiers with the bandanas.



Thank you again for the bandanas!!  They came in just in time for our trip to Niger.  It’s the rainy season now there and with that a lot of dust storms and heavy winds.  So they went away like hot cakes and a bunch of SFS guys were seen wearing them myself included!  We hope to make a trip to Djibouti where a lot of the Army guys are located and see if they are as much of a hit as they were in Niger!


My 25 guys and I are currently deployed in support of Operation Spartan Shield, We are requesting 50 of your bandanas! If they come in the new multicam pattern that would be fantastic, but we are not picky!
Please let me know if you can help my boys.


I was given your contact information for soldier support in the way of bandanas. I will be supporting a unit that is preparing for deployment on 16 May 2015. I’m not sure what kind of timeline you need to fill an order, please let me know if you would be able to provide bananas for around 55 soldiers.
AL NG Family Readiness Support Assistant Military Personnel Services Corporation Central Region FRSA Montgomery, AL


I’m currently deployed with the 435th AEW that forward deploys to different locations in Africa and Eastern Europe. I was wondering if I could place an order for a couple of boxes of bandanas? The locations these troops are at minus the ones in eastern Europe and get plenty hot especially with the upcoming rainy season. I think they will be a great value to them and they will find many uses for them!


Again, I want to thank you for this great ministry that you are providing to our Soldiers. I would like to again request some bandanas to distribute to my new Soldiers. I have given all of mine away and I have Soldiers who would like one of their own to carry around. They are great ministry tools and I do appreciate them. You are a blessing to many Soldiers.  1st BN, 44th ADA Chaplain


Soldiers love these bandanas and I have also found that surviving parents, parents who have lost their Soldier, find great strength in these bandanas too. They get to hold a piece of the cloth that resembles there loved one’s uniform and a piece of the cloth that contains the word of God. So, please know that your ministry goes beyond the Soldier.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your group for generously supplying the Operation Bandanas. I picked one up recently from the church service done here at the base. I will make it a point to read it daily.


Just wanted to say thanks for the bandanas we got at the chapel. It gets pretty hot here in Afghanistan and they come in handy.  My favorite Psalm is on it. May God bless your organization and all the volunteers in it! Thank you! TSgt U.S. Air Force, Afghanistan


THANK YOU for your gracious support of USASOC Soldiers and Families – and the Ministry Teams that serve them. CH (COL) R. Paul Lasley, USASOC Command Chaplain


These bandanas are awesome and just wanted to say thank you. I have four of these Psalm 91 Bandanas in all different three uniform patterns and I love them.  I carry one on me at all times, I have one in my office and one hanging in my room. Have a wonderful day.  God Bless!


My name is LTC Matthew Hash and I am the son of retired CH (COL) Pat Hash. I have started reading your book and I saw my dad’s name mentioned in the book and I had to send you a note.  I just wanted to tell you thank you for all you do for our service members.  This is my fourth time of 12 months or longer being deployed. I have received and ACU and Multi Cam bandana from two of my deployments.  I carry them around with me where I go.  I am enjoying reading your book and it has been an inspiration to me.  Thanks again for all you do.  Take care, God bless and your ministry has been and continues to be in my prayers.


Thank you so much! I appreciate you and all the churches/organizations that partner with you in this awesome ministry! Again, it reaches Soldiers in ways that I cannot even begin to explain or imagine. I know so many of them carry their bandanas with them everywhere (myself included) so God’s word is never far from them. I will anxiously await the delivery of the next batch of bandanas!


“I am a soldier deployed in Afghanistan. I just want to say thank you for the bandanas you sent. I do not know when or who you sent them to but faith is the only thing that has gotten me through my deployments. I will carry one of these with me and through faith I will wear the armor of God. Thank you.”

“Just wanted to let you know – we received three boxes of bandanas, and a couple of books by separate package. Thanks so much for sharing them! Sure appreciate your heart for God and for the troops! I’ve already started distribution to various US personnel. They also seem to be popular with other NATO partners. I’ve given some to British and Australian Chaplains. Thanks to you and your network for making these available to us.”

“Today I received a bandana with an inspirational message on it from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a nice gift. It really means a lot. Sometimes it gets lonely out here and we feel like our friends and family forget about us. A nice gift like this helps remind us that we are not forgotten”.

“Your bandanas mean a lot to all of our Marines here. We are blessed to have people like you and your organization who are willing to take time out of their busy lives to put a smile on a young Marine’s face. Your kindness and generosity serve as a reminder of what exactly it is that we are fighting for”.


I am a soldier deployed in Afghanistan. I just want to say thank you for the bandanas you sent. I do not know when or who you sent them to but faith is the only thing that has gotten me through my deployments. I will carry one of these with me and through faith I will wear the armor of God. Thank you.”


Just wanted to let you know – we received three boxes of bandanas, and a couple of books by separate package. Thanks so much for sharing them! Sure appreciate your heart for God and for the troops! I’ve already started distribution to various US personnel. They also seem to be popular with other NATO partners. I’ve given some to British and Australian Chaplains. Thanks to you and your network for making these available to us. (From USN Chaplain at trauma hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan)


“Thank you for your generous donation to our Soldiers, and in particular to me. I use the bandana to remind me of God’s unfailing love and grace. Your bandana has helped me to redirect my life to the Lord’s will. Since I found one of your bandanas in our chaplain’s distribution area, I have been faithful in my attendance and devoted more time to reading His Word”.
PMD, SFC, USA, Task Force Gauntlet


Thank you so much for your prompt service in sending us the bandanas!  We will be sending them to our Air Force Special Forces guys next week. They mix with the Seal Teams and the Green Beret teams and are currently deployed to some amazing work. I know this will mean so much to them. Thank you so much for your ministry.


Thank you for caring enough to give us these bandanas.  I was stationed at Ft Bragg, PCS’d to Ft Hood, and deployed with 2 BCT, 1 CAV Division…It really means a lot to the Service Members and myself that you continue to keep us in your thoughts and heart.  Even after 12 years of war, you supporting troops in harms way is truly heartfelt and makes daily life easier and more enjoyable for us.  We greatly appreciate and value your efforts, time, care and spirit.  MAJ James L. Adams, Jr.


I want to personally thank you for your support to the Unit Ministry Team of the 205th Military Intelligence Battalion, 500th Military Intelligence Brigade, Ft Shafter, HI. It was your selfless service and heart of giving that allowed our Soldiers and their families to receive Psalm 91 bandanas and the hope and inspiration that they bring…In these challenging economical times we are deeply touched by your contributions and commitment to provide support to our Soldiers and their families… As a military chaplain, I am reminded and encouraged by God’s Word: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9 NIV) We are so appreciative for your gracious gift of gratitude. These Psalm 91 bandanas are a gift that will continue to give beyond this single donation…CH(CPT) Rob Cargel,  Battalion Chaplain


Having you (Mary) at our prayer breakfast was a true blessing to us. We deployed in late May and have troops spread across every Regional Command (RC) in the country. I travel about once a week and attempt to see the troops as often as possible. We have so many people in different places and different people are heading home at different times with the draw down. I (with the last part of us) will be home by March. You supplied us with enough bandanas for every troop. I tell other chaplains how about you and your organization all the time. Be blessed! CH(CPT) Chris Odle, TF 28 MED


From the Ft. Campbell Division Chaplain, CH(LTC) Jeff Hawkins. CH Hawkins requested 6000 Psalm 91 bandanas last Fall before their deployment to Afghanistan, and Operation Bandanas was able to meet this request. Thank you to our generous co-laborers for Christ who have expressed their love and appreciation to our troops through the ministry of Operation Bandanas and who have blessed and covered all of these soldiers, and thousands more, with God’s words of Psalm 91. I pray for more donors to join in our mission. 

Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 15:18:39 -0400


Just wanted you to see a collection of our Brigade Chaplains, along with ALL OUR THANKS, for the tremendous support we received from you in providing the Psalm 91 Bandanas to the 101st Airborne Division and CJTF-101 for our most recent deployment. We’re approaching the 1/2 way mark of our year here in Afghanistan, soon, and I wanted you to know of our gratitude for God’s Hand of Protection. Though any Soldiers’ loss is tragic, we are grateful that our losses are far lower than in previous rotations, and we pray safety each and every day, in the Power of Psalm 91 for all our Warriors.

Again, thank you and your organization for the phenomenal support and prayers — they BOTH mean more to us than you’ll ever know . . .

In His Power,



Thank you for all that you and the others are doing to ensure that every service man and woman have the Psalm 91 bandana. I have one with me every time I go out on a mission and that bandana brings me hope; and when I’m done with the tour of duty, I’m sending you that bandana that was worn all over Afghanistan. Thank you very much. SSG Meadows

WOW! That is AWESOME!  Thank you very much, and yes, my enthusiasm is sincere!!!! This will make my guys smile. We are able to receive mail about once a week and yes the location is fairly remote. Again, thank you so very much, for your kind words and your prompt response, but more so for your actions in truly showing your support for us!

Just received the bandanas. Wow… they are fantastic! I am so excited to share them with my squadron. The letter and story about how the money was raised to get them to me was incredibly touching. I plan on displaying it where we will be handing them out at the end of the month. Once again a testimony to the faithfulness of our Lord.  Blessings to you and yours, Chaplain Voudouris


Hi Mary,
My name is Cathy Welch. You featured a story about my son (Kyle Welch) in your new book “Lovin Our Troops”. I wanted to personally thank you for the copy of the book and the bandana you sent me. I think the work you do is so blessed. I know alot of the troops aren’t Christians and your bandanas open up the way for them to lean on HIM in their time of need. It was very comforting to me when my son was in Iraq to know he was carrying his bandana in his pocket close to his heart. He was injured twice during his first tour of Iraq and I thank God for his protection in bringing him safely home. I will be constantly praying for your ministry. God Bless You.

Greetings to ALL,
I am truly grateful for your generous support to our service members who have deployed and those who are currently deployed at this time. Your thoughts of prayers and encouragement through what you share is such an awesome gift that I have received from the military chapel in Kuwait.
I will take this bandana home with the dust and sweat during its use, and place it in my treasure box after my deployment is over. By the way, this is my second deployment. I do thank everyone like yourselves for the many prayers of protection and yes, the prayers of sorrow for those families who’ve lost their love ones from both Iraq and Afghanistan. War related and those who have loss there lives in non-combat situations, but in support of combat operations. Thank you.
May God’s blessing and protection be upon you all.
Alvin A. Sniffen, 1SG, USA
C 1-207 AVN (ASLT) Helicopter Co


I wanted to say thank you for Operation Bandanas. I received a bandana the week I arrived in Kandahar, AFG, from the chaplain there around the 10th-12th of May. I just wanted to let you and the others know that we are grateful for your thoughts, prayers and bandanas.
SGT R.Hoettge

Operation Bandanas
Thanks so much for the bandana. Mrs. Gina Maxwell sent a package of the bandanas to my team here in Afg. I couldn’t have received this at a better time. We have had a rough trip so far, and recently lost 4 service members to an IED attack on our patrol. I lost a close personal friend and teammate as well as 3 good friends and our bomb dog, Fibi in that attack. It makes a difference to us to see the support we have from back home. Psalm 91 is a perfect scripture to have close at this time. The card with my bandana was signed by Kylie, and there was a cute little purple cross colored on the card as well. Please ensure that my gratitude is passed on to Kylie.
Thanks again for everything,
MSG Mark A. McCowan
ODA Team Sergeant
Ghazni Prov, Afghanistan

Thank you so much for the bandanas! They are such a wonderful gift and there was plenty to give to all my soldiers. We can’t thank you enough for this thoughtful gift! I really love the verse and it continually gives me strength while I am out here.  Thanks again, 1LT Candice Bryan, TF Gunfighters

I am originally from Fayetteville, NC, and I am a U.S. Marine currently deployed to Afghanistan. The first Psalm 91 bandana I ever received was from my grandparents who are members of Village Baptist Church. The second one I received today from our chaplain. It really made me feel good reading the Psalm and to know people back home are supportive of the military. People who know me and some who don’t are praying for me. God is always here for me. The bandana today helped me remember that. It is and was very uplifting! Keep doing what you are doing, stay always faithful and take care.
LCPL Joshua Bayless

Having returned last week from a year long deployment to Afghanistan, I just wanted to take a moment to offer my sincere thanks to you and all the men and women of Operation Bandanas. The bandanas were well received by the Marines of 11 Marine Expeditionary Force Forward. Most importantly, they offered great comfort and support during several very trying circumstances – a constant reminder of the peace and protection our Savior brings.
Semper Fidelis,
COL Norm Cooling

My name is Chief Warrant Officer Two (CW2) Fernando Lockett I have been in the U.S. Army for over 14yrs and I am on my 3rd deployment. I served in Iraq twice, and my current one here in Afghanistan. I received one of your Psalms 91 bandanas from our Brigade Chaplain. I keep it in my left cargo pocket daily. I just wanted to send you all a thank you. I truly appreciate the time you all took to send these lovely bandanas to us. I feel an extra protection and coverage from God with it being with me daily. Have a wonderful and blessed day!
10th Sustainment Brigade,
Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Thank you so much Mary Gray! We just received our bandanas! We have already had some people grab a few. Again, thank you so much for the gift. It surely is an encouragement to our troopers! May God continue to bless you and your ministry!
CH Cliff Jones and PFC Van Brimmer
2/321 AFAR, 4/82nd ABN DIV

Thanks so much for the awesome bandanas! My chaplain enjoys handing them out at convoy briefs and such! Our guys love them! Thanks for your support and encouragement!
SGT Denise Monroe
CH(CPT) J. Lee

First of all want to say thank you for what you are doing. I recently received one of your bandanas from a friend in the Fayetteville area, and it truly brightened my day. Just so you know, this bandana will be carried with me on daily missions all over the northern nine provinces of Afghanistan. I will take daily comfort in reading this passage and knowing that God is with me. This bandana will be added to the American flag and the two stars that were cut from an unserviceable American flag that travel with me everywhere, and upon my return will be added to my cherished possessions of deployment memorabilia. Thank you for the prayers and may God bless you and your congregations.
Very Respectfully,
RC-North Camp Marmal

Thank you SO MUCH for the bandanas. Our soldiers love them, especially since its multi-cam. We’re from Ft. Bragg, so it’s nice to see a Fayetteville address! Thanks again for your support and generosity.
Respectfully, Annette Daniel, Chaplain’s Asst, TF Corsair

I am serving in Afghanistan right now and picked up one of your bandanas at chapel today. Absolutely brought a smile to my face, and is now covering a small table near my desk where I can see it everyday. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.
LTC Roger Bowman, NATO Training Mission

The bandanas just arrived! Thank you so much for being a blessing to our EOD Troops. We are the 192d Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion deployed from Ft Bragg NC. In other words, our guys are the “Bomb Squad”. They have the incredible responsibility of protecting us all from the dangers of the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) by disarming them. Thanks so much for all your prayers and support! I am a native of Fayetteville, and I’m so glad you are operating your ministry from my hometown!
CH Mike Jernigan
CJTF Paladin South-KAF

On behalf of 3/7, I thank you for your support and prayers. The Marines and Sailors love the bandanas. Thanks for your time to send this special item for our men who are at the tip of the spear.
May God bless you and your ministry.
Chaplain Byron Johnson, 3/7

Our Soldiers recently received some Ps 91 bandanas and when I saw the address on your attached note, it occurred to me to just say Thank You! Our young Soldiers don’t always have the kind of folks back home to send them care packages and such. Although there are a lot of folks back home who support the troops, it really means a lot to receive something simple from the States.
So, I know that you may not know who we are and what happens once care packages arrive here, but just so you know, my Soldiers are part of a Field Maintenance Company. That means that in addition to the regular Army duties like guarding the Forward Operation Base we live on & making sure that all of our guys exercise, we work on every piece of equipment assigned to the Brigade. From a simple pair of night vision goggles to an uparmored mine resistant vehicle; my 91 Soldiers do the work.
We have 3 Platoons and when packages come, they are distributed evenly across them by the Platoon Sergeants. It is their responsibility to make sure the young Soldiers who will benefit from a care package get them first. Nothing sent from the States is wasted and everything is greatly appreciated.
1SG Mark Kennedy
204th BSB

We received the bandanas! Thank you so much for the amazing gift and support. I have passed out the bandanas to my section and all of my friends and battle buddies. We are so thankful and fortunate to have amazing people like you supporting us back home. It makes it easier to do our job here when we know people are thinking of us and grateful for what we’re doing. Thank you again so much!
SSGT J. Suchodolski (Husband, Father, Soldier)

Dear Friends,
We just received our shipment of bandanas from your group and I wanted to thank you for your ministry and support. The soldiers going out on convoys truly appreciate the gift and I know that it brings comfort to them. I personally use one on my altar so that I can give thanks for your work and sacrifice. Thank you for taking care of our soldiers and our coalition forces.
CH(MAJ) Michael Clancy
1297th CSSB Task Force Raven

We really appreciate Operation Bandanas and its support to the Chaplains’ ministry to the soldiers. Without cost to the unit we are able to boost morale by helping soldiers stay connected with their faith and family. I have heard stories about how it is a good reminder of home. It is always a blessing when we personally hand the bandanas out and are able to chat about what is going on in the soldiers’ life and be an encouragement to them. Sometimes soldiers do not want to make a big deal about talking to the chaplain and it is nice that we can get out and see them and not come empty handed. It is through Operation Bandanas that many opportunities are opened to make these connections and we hope that you can continue providing the support you do.
SGT Stoewer, Apollo

Operation Bandanas has really encouraged me as a soldier! On my last deployment you sent me 3 boxes of bandanas to pass out. My whole unit was covered, and the unit next to us! Then when I had free time I would stand on the boardwalk in front of the dining facility and hand them to soldiers as they passed by. I don’t remember one person turning them away and it opened the door for me to encourage them in the Lord!
I carry mine in my breast pocket over my heart, not as a good luck charm but as a reminder that God is with me and His promises are true. Thank you so much for loving and encouraging me while I was away from everything I hold dear in life.
Sgt. King Leslie
B Co 1-141

The service members here love the bandanas because they are easy to carry all the time. There is always a place for the bandanas in our uniform. They become an extension of our uniform. The bandanas can do so much for the service members. It is obvious that they need these bandanas in this very hot weather. When there is a violent sandstorm here or when there is strong wind, the bandanas are indeed very useful. The military people use them to cover their faces, clean their sunglasses, wipe their faces and even clean their weapons with the bandanas. The bandanas really take good care of us.

And there is another side to the bandanas. The Bandanas with the printed Psalm 91 becomes also sacred for the service members. They display the bandanas in their tents and in their offices. When other people see the bandanas being displayed, they become curious to read the Psalm 91 on the bandanas. Reading curiously the Psalm 91 on the bandanas becomes their introduction to something spiritual. Reading the Psalm 91 becomes their prayer and their union with the Divine. It is a very practical tool to have a connection with the Divine Presence. Bandanas become a profound moment of knowing and talking to Someone beyond oneself. The Bandanas become something much more. There is the feeling of security because we carry it all the time. This feeling of security is not only the bandana itself but the presence of the Divine that we discover when we read the Psalm 91 in the bandanas.”
CH V Laneuvo

These bandanas have encouraged many Soldiers and family members by reminding us of God’s presence and protection everywhere we go. One Soldier’s wife said, “I never let my husband deploy without one”. Thanks so much for your loving support and the reminder that Almighty God is in control!
CH M Derienzo

As a Battalion Chaplain in Iraq, I attended every convoy briefing and provided the final pre-convoy prayer for 12 months. Soldiers appreciated the prayers and the time we spent with them before they went out on a dangerous night convoy. Occasionally I went with them and they felt they had God with them. But on the nights that I could not go with them (there were many), soldiers always asked for things from my Chapel, that had religious significance. I often gave them Bibles, tokens with scriptures in them or simply a prayer, but when Operation Bandanas came around, I could not keep the bandanas in stock long enough to let the troops know I had some. Soldiers appreiciated the praticality of the bandanas in the desert,but more importantly, the scripture inscribed. Every time I went to a convoy briefing before they got ready to go out, I would see troops wearing their bandanas, some under their helmet and others would have it in their pockets.
What a blessing!!
CH (CPT) Ruiz

As an Army wife I have been blessed by the mission of Operation Bandana. My husband, a chaplain, went down range to do a morale tour for his chaplains and to encourage soldiers during a difficult time. I was given an Operation Bandana Ps 91 bandana through a military minstry , Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC). My 2 children and I wrote personal prayers on his bandana and I tucked into his BDU pocket. He discovered the bandana when he was in the field. It reminded him that we were praying for him and for his mission of encouragement. Today it is framed and hanging on his office wall. It has become a spiritual touchstone that reminds us all of a time when God used His word and our prayers to support each other. Thank you, Operation Bandana for having the vision to honor and help military personnel everywhere and their families in spiritual support.

You guys are too awesome! ANYONE who might be involved with you or your organization, please tell them thank yo for the hard work, packing, mailing, driving and time that has been dedicated to doing this for our troops. We really, really appreciate it. Again, the bandanas are awesome, awesome, and more awesome. It’s evident that your love for our country is as strong as ours and it shows with your support. Thanks again for everything you have done for us.
CH Mark Olson/SPC Brett Roberts
1-25 SBCT, 3-21 IN

On behalf of the soldiers of the 504th Military Police Battalion, I want to extend by heartfelt thanks for your gift of Psalm 91 bandanas this year. These items were extremely popular among our soldiers, and enabled us to meet a physical need, but also opened the door to meeting spiritual needs. You have helped us to have great conversations that have ranged from “checking in” to sitting down and working through some of life’s greatest challenges. The result of your generosity has been that soldiers have left our offices or conversations with their material needs met, but also their emotional and spiritual needs met as well. You may never meet the people you have served this year, but rest assured, you have changed lives for the better. For God and Country,
CH(CPT) Robert W. Sterling, Battalion Chaplain

I wanted to take this opportunity before I redeploy back to the States to drop you a personal note of thanks for your kindness and support provided to the Silver Lions as we combated terrorism in Southern Iraq. It is a tough business to spend so long a time away from loved ones and the comforts of home, but the gifts, support and kindness of great Americans like yourself make it that much easier. The bandanas you donated were a terrific morale boost and were genuinely appreciated. Thanks for all you do selflessly to support our soldiers.
LTC Scott Taylor

Hello Mary can I put a order for 41 for my platoon or is that asking for to many. Please let me know I don’t wanna seem greedy. Thank you to your ministry that provides these for soldiers of all branches it does mean alot to us when we see people care for us. SPC Chez

Thank you very much for the gift. Thank you for helping me to feel his presence.
God Bless.
v/r SSgt Biecheler

We are in an area where we are under constant contact with the enemy. One of my Soldiers sustained a bullet wound to the leg that morning and was brought into our aid station. When I walked in to visit and to pray with him, the medics had removed all of his clothes and he was completely naked except for one thing… his Psalm 91 bandana that was still tied around his forehead. This is the second time this Soldier has been injured, and both times he was wearing his bandana.I share this with you because I want you to know how important these bandanas are to my men. Your generosity means so much to them. Thank you for what you have done for us. May God bless you all richly have done and continue to do for Soldiers!
In HIS service,
Chaplain Olson

Dear Westwood United Methodist Church and Operation Bandanas,
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support. I picked up one of your bandanas at a chaplain’s building on Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. It can get very lonely out here and it can be difficult when family back home is going through trials and I cannot be there physically to support them. It’s a comfort to know God is there to be their fortress even when I cannot. The bandana was a great reminder of that and also amazingly practical as the weather gets hotter. Now I always have Psalm 91 to wipe the sweat and the troubles away. Again, I share my heartfelt thanks for your support. God Bless.
Very Respectfully,
Brian Kester, 1st Lt, USAF

I cannot tell you how many Marines I know who have been blessed through your ministry. Psalm 91 was my mother’s favorite Psalm, so I was greatly encouraged myself seeing the bandana for the first time. Thank you for the donation of bandanas for my upcoming outreach. I know my Marines will truly appreciate this.
Very respectfully,
LT Jeremy Blythe, CHC USN3/8/11

I want to send a special Thank You to you and the whole “Operation Bandanas” organization for the wonderful gift of 91st Psalm Bandanas that you have provided the 82nd Sustainment Brigade. Over the past month we sent off 100 Soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Bandanas and we will be sending off another 200 before the end of March. The Soldiers were excited and very grateful to receive them. As one of the Soldiers was getting on the bus yesterday after receiving his bandana, he said “Thanks Chaplain, now I can always remember God’s protection and presence with me.” And that is exactly what you are helping our Soldier to do- to feel and know God’s protection and care every moment of every day. As St. Paul says, nothing in this world can separate us from God’s love, and your gift helps our Soldiers to remember this.
With Gratitude,
Chaplain (CPT) Lauren Nofsinger
330th Transportation Battalion








From the mom of a National Guard soldier:
As I went through the stuff my son brought home from his first deployment to Afghanistan I found a couple of these bandanas…He is starting his second deployment in a much more dangerous place, doing a much more dangerous job. I came across the bandana and knew I should send it to him in my first letter. I think he will appreciate the strength and comfort of the Psalm this time around. I am very grateful to you and all those who support this calling. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and most of all your prayers for all our military in harms way. It’s a great comfort to me and my husband to know there are many prayers for our son from people who never met him.

Dear Mary and all volunteers and helpers at Operation Bandanas,
In the name of our battalion, Combat Logistics Battalion 22, I would like to thank you for your thoughtfulness and assistance as you provided us with Psalm 91 bandanas to be distributed among the members of our command. Your prayers on behalf of our active duty Marines and Sailors are greatly appreciated as well. Trainings to accomplish physical and mental readiness are arduous and quite challenging. Your prayers and particularly the bandanas you sent us will help us to work on the spiritual readiness of our command in order to face the upcoming challenges of deployment.
I have shared your name with other chaplain friends. They may be contacting you for their battalions. Many of our Marines and Sailors have great memories of the bandanas from Iraq and Afghanistan. They used them there and felt God’s protection as they put their lives on the line to serve our country.
Thank you very much. In the name of our battalion, I pray to the Lord for many blessings upon all of you that your ministry of love and prayer may continue touching the lives of all our military forces and turning them to the only fountain of life, hope and happiness.
Semper Fidelis,
Chaplain Diego Londono